Via Lorenzo

VIA LORENZO, a fashion accessories importer based in Nantes since 2000, holds one of the richest collections of hats in France. Furthermore, VIA LORENZO has become the leading European provider of adjustable hats in just a few years.

The company also has a department for scarves, gloves, and ponchos. Our range covers all price points in the industry, from low to high-end. To achieve this, our manufacturing sources come from around the world, including both Europe and Southeast Asia.

VIA LORENZO has quickly gained the trust of wholesalers and textile centers across multiple continents.

Fashion accessories market history

Fashion accessories developed in the early sixties due to the significant volatility of gold prices between the wars (gold being used for war efforts) and the emergence of costume jewelry with the post-war increase in living standards. Previously, only "useful" accessories such as hats, gloves, and scarves were primarily sold by hatters and milliners. The pseudo-scarcity of automobiles led people to walk more often and thus protect themselves from the cold. This did not prevent the establishment of trends; on the contrary, we witnessed very strong trends, especially in hats.

However, twenty years ago, accessories represented only 2% of the entire textile industry. In 2012, the latest official figures showed it accounted for 15% (Source: Textile Industry). The current growth rate is estimated at half a percentage point annually, suggesting that we are currently in the range of 16 to 19%. A ready-to-wear store with accessories accounting for less than 17% inevitably loses turnover. Moreover, an accessory (excluding bags) takes on average ten times less space than a garment. Therefore, the square meter yield is much higher.

The margin is also much better, establishing itself 0.5 points above ready-to-wear. However, a garment is often more expensive than an accessory. Nevertheless, the battle is systematically won by the latter if we consider simple yield per square meter.

Of course, this figure is shared among everything that is not clothing: belts, bags, scarves, costume jewelry, hats, gloves, ties, and flip-flops. In this market, developments are divergent. According to Mordor Intelligence, the fashion accessories market is expected to record a growth rate of 12.3% during the forecast period (2023-2028).

Qui sommes-nous ?

VIA LORENZO est un importateur d’accessoires de mode installé à Nantes depuis 2000 détient l'une des plus riches collections d'accessoires de mode de France, incluant chapeaux, bérets, casquettes, écharpes, gants.

Très peu de temps après sa création, Via Lorenzo est devenu en quelques années le leader européen du chapeau réglable.

VIA LORENZO a rapidement gagné la confiance de nombreux acteurs sur le marché français (grossistes, centrales d’achat et boutique. Fort de cette réussite, nous sommes maintenant présent sur plusieurs continents : Europe, Asie et Amérique du Nord.

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