Qui sommes-nous ?

VIA LORENZO est un importateur d’accessoires de mode installé à Nantes depuis 2000 détient l'une des plus riches collections d'accessoires de mode de France, incluant chapeaux, bérets, casquettes, écharpes, gants.

Très peu de temps après sa création, Via Lorenzo est devenu en quelques années le leader européen du chapeau réglable.

VIA LORENZO a rapidement gagné la confiance de nombreux acteurs sur le marché français (grossistes, centrales d’achat et boutique. Fort de cette réussite, nous sommes maintenant présent sur plusieurs continents : Europe, Asie et Amérique du Nord.


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Size Adjustment System

Due to the increasing demand from our customers, we have created and developed a highly durable adjustment system, which is sewn inside the hats (as shown below).

For a hat that is too large, you can gain up to 3 cm without it being noticeable.

Dermatological Hats

In 2020, the World Health Organization recorded 1.5 million cases of skin cancer (including 1.2 million carcinomas and just under 350,000 melanomas). As specialists in headwear, it seemed logical to us that we should create a hat tailored to individuals affected by skin cancer.

After numerous trials, we have developed a high-quality hat with UPF certification.50+.

In response to numerous customer requests, we have developed the Magic Clips to enable individuals wearing hats to conveniently hang them anywhere.

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